How long do you need to complete my alterations?

It depends on the work involved but it could take between 2 to 8 weeks.

When should I book my first fitting?

You should get in touch with me as soon as you have ordered your dress so that I can book you in ahead of time. Once you have your dress you can meet me for a free consultation and to plan ahead. I usually recommend commencing your actual alterations no sooner than 8 weeks from your event, particularly if you might gain or lose weight, are pregnant or might become pregnant!

How much do you charge?

This is impossible to tell you without seeing you in person, come and see me for a free consultation and I can give you an idea of what you could expect to pay for your alterations. Every person is unique and every dress is different. I charge an hourly rate and my pricing is very reasonable within the industry.

Do you make dresses?

My main business is alterations and repairs, however I can sometimes take on dressmaking jobs given that I have the time available to do so. Please get in touch very early on if you’d like something made.

Do you do other alterations?

Yes, I am experienced in all clothing alterations. My main business is brides but I can do alterations for anyone provided I have the time available. Please note I only work part time as I have a young child. I am open by appointment only and live 15 minutes away from my studio.

What are your open hours?

I am open by appointment only from Saturday through to Thursday. I do not have fixed hours but I generally work between 9 and 4pm. Late appointments can sometimes be arranged. Please do not show up without a booking.

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